What is the summary

What is the summary

Today job search is impossible without the correspondence acquaintance to the employer, and there is it usually by means of mailing by the competitor of the summary. Correctly made summary lays a way to many large companies even to young employees.

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The word "summary" has the French roots and means "summary". Today the summary is understood as the short description of professional achievements and qualities of the competitor which is intended to interest the employer, to create positive opinion on the potential worker and to organize personal meeting.

The summary makes the first impression about the competitor that is the major moment in acquaintance to the recruiter. Usually it does not exceed volume in two printed pages of the A4 format and should not take more than 4-5 minutes on its reading.

The majority of the summary follow if not to accurate structure, some sequence of obligatory points. This full indication of a surname, name and middle name, date of birth, contacts (in which join not only phone numbers, but also e-mail, the fax and other means of communication). Further the competitor should specify the purpose of the summary - for example, receiving a certain position in this company. The indication of education and experience over the last 10 years in a chronological order is obligatory. In lack of experience (at university graduates) places of training, additional courses, trainings are described.

Many competitors pay much attention to the last sections - additional and personal information, but recently recruiters do not recommend to place on them emphasis. It is necessary to specify a minimum of information which really the employer should know - language skills, in them existence of the driver's license and the car, knowledge of the computer and other office equipment. From personal qualities what are related to work are specified (commitment, professionalism and similar).

The bad form is considered the indication of a desirable salary, placement of the photo (of course if that is not demanded by the employer) and self-praise.
Literacy of writing, lack of mistakes, official style of a statement belongs to important points of drawing up the summary.