How to fill in patches

How to fill in patches

Procedure of filling of patches on phone means use of the additional software and skills of work with system of the computer. At the same time, special technical skills or knowledge of computer languages will not be required.

It is required to you

- Far Manager;
- jdflasher plug-in;
- connecting DCU-60 cable

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Start the Far Manager application and press at the same time function keys of Alt and F1 on the keyboard. Specify the just da flasher point in the opened dialog box and enter value of the model of phone in the field of script of a new dialog box. Bring DCU-60 value at line port and print value 921600 in the field of speed. Confirm the choice, having pressed the OK button.

Wait for emergence of the following dialog box and execute the actions offered in it:
- switch off the mobile device;
- press and hold a key C;
- connect phone to the computer.

Wait for definition of the mobile device the Far Manager program and find in an application window two new folders with the names fs and flash. Open the flash folder and define the file of a patch which is subject to installation with the .vkp d expansion of the right part of the catalog.

Draw the found file in the left memory area of an application window and confirm performance of the chosen action in the opened Copying window. Apply a tag in the field "As a .vkp-patch" to installation of the new file or also in the line "Remove a Patch" for replacement of the previous file.

Press the Yes, to Write Down button and wait for completion of process of installation. Repeat the above described actions for each patch which is subject to "filling" in the mobile phone.

Finish loading procedure, having pressed a symbol in the top left corner of an application window of Far Manager and confirm the choice in the opened window of request of the program, having pressed the Yes button. Disconnect the mobile device from the computer and get the accumulator from phone.

Insert the accumulator into phone and turn on the mobile device. Be convinced of operability of the established patches.