How to pick up ski boots for the size

How to pick up ski boots for the size

Many beginners who only start skiing, consider that the main thing - to buy good and expensive skis, and that right there it is possible to go to an alpine skiing slope to ride. But it far not so, after all good skis are not the last stroke in equipment of the skier. its integral part are ski boots which are very difficult for picking up because of a huge choice in shops and various nuances. But the most important in boots that they as poured sat standing, easily acted and were warm. Therefore it is very important to pick up correctly ski boots for the size, and already then to go to ride.

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Choose the style of boots which is most suitable for you. There are two various styles. The first - for classical driving. They are cheaper at the price, but all of them same, and in shops their small range. Generally they are intended for simple walks on the wood or a small ski trip. And the second type - for ridge style which already means active sports activities. Such boots have to be convenient because the foot is in the continuous movement.

Measure the foot. It is best of all to do it at the end of the working day as after loading, to feet there is the maximum inflow of blood, and a foot of feet have the maximum sizes. If to measure a foot since morning - that by the evening ski boots to you will press.

Do not forget to put on socks with which are going to use boots. Put the foot on the blank album sheet, and accurately lead round a foot a pencil or a marker. Do it standing or sitting on a chair. It is impossible to sit down on crusts by no means as the size of a foot will be distorted.

Measure distance on the turned-out trace. There where a heel, put the small end, and mark the second where your longest finger comes to an end. By means of a ruler connect these points the thin line, and look, how many in this line of centimeters. Now, on any site where you want to order boots, will be to specify intended centimeters enough and before your choice all boots which approach under the number specified by you will appear.

In case you are going to buy ski boots not on the Internet, and in shop, be gathered by patience and, having taken with themselves a sock, safely go to shop. Be going to try on all ski footwear as different producers let out different footwear. On some boots shift in a shin is observed, some boots will be low-measures, some on the contrary. You should not take too free boots as it will lead to rubbing of callosities and injuries, and too close boots will reap, and to hurt. Anyway it is necessary to take boots in what to your feet it will be convenient and comfortable.