How to pump up muscles of hands

How to pump up muscles of hands

Moderately beefy hands and beautiful muscles are necessary not only effectively to walk on a beach but also that the back and a backbone were healthy. Quickly to increase muscles of hands and it is possible to strengthen a spine column in house conditions, spending for exercises daily no more than an hour.

It is required to you

- A crossbeam (for pullings up);
- dumbbells.

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It is necessary to begin training with increase in a body weight. Put on a heavy backpack or a special vest with weighting compounds a back.


Now it is possible to start pullings up. It is best of all to do it on a crossbeam which is easy for placing over any door in the apartment.


Hang on a crossbeam: hands arrange approximately on width of shoulders, develop palms inside. When bending hands make a breath, at extension - an exhalation. It is enough to the beginning athlete to repeat exercise not less than five times.


After minute rest repeat exercise, but hands arrange palms outside. In each some days increase number of pullings up and distance between hands.


Pullings up. Without removing from a weighting compound back, put emphasis on fists and slowly bend hands, taking a breath. Straightening hands, do an exhalation. Repeat three times on five push-ups.


The feet bent in knees, strengthen on a point of support. It can be the battery, a sofa or the girlfriend who will have enough forces to keep them during exercise. Smoothly and slowly approach the case to the bent knees, alternating turns to the left and to the right. Beginning enough 8 times. In order that muscles of hands and a breast have a rest, make knee-bends.


The following exercise will require dumbbells, but not really heavy. After their weight it will be possible to increase. Relax hands and lower down, bend elbows a little, develop palms to hips. On a hand breath smoothly and slowly lift in the parties to that point in which the palms developed to a floor with dumbbells, elbows, brushes and shoulders will not settle down on one line. Record a pose for two seconds, then, slowly exhaling, lower hands. Starting repeating enough exercise twelve times.

If to carry out such complex daily, constantly strengthening loading, in a month the bearing will change, muscles will become more, and the backbone - is more healthy.