How to leave on staff reduction

How to leave on staff reduction

Dismissal of employees at the enterprise procedure often unpleasant both for workers, and for directors. For employees of the organization dismissal, as a rule, is followed by strong psychological experiences of how to develop the near future in connection with work loss. At such moment it is very important to define for itself the most favorable way of dismissal. One of such is the redundancy.

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If in the organization staff reduction, to the employee who understands is planned that his chances to keep the own opinion a workplace are very small, it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account reduction as the most favorable option of dismissal. Reduction of the staff of employees provides guarantees and compensations to persons who leave.


Unfair employers duringduring staff reduction in the organization, force employees to write letters of resignation at own will. It is illegal and the employee has the right to refuse to undergo dismissal procedure at own will. In other case the employer has the right to offer the dismissed employee other available less paid work.


In case of refusal the employee to leave at own will or to pass to less paid work, the head of the organization is obliged to carry out procedure of dismissal of the employee on staff reduction according to the law.


The dismissed worker in two months prior to the coming date of reduction receives the notice in which it is reported under a list that its established post will be reduced. Within two months before the appointed date of dismissal the employee has the right to leave the workplace for 4 hours per week for search of new work.


After the dismissed employee signs the notice, he writes the letter of resignation on staff reduction. On the basis of this statement the order on reduction of the worker is issued. The copy of this order goes to accounts department of the organization for calculation and payment of all compensation payments which rely the worker at reduction.


At dismissal on staff reduction the employee receives the severance pay at a rate of monthly earnings and behind it the second monthly earnings if the worker within the second month after dismissal did not find new work remain. And also the dismissed employee has the right to receive the third severance pay but only in case in two weeks after dismissal he is registered in the center of employment.


Besides the severance pay the dismissed employee for all the unused holidays receives monetary compensation. The employee receives all due payments at a redundancy in the next day when in the organization the salary is given.