How to prepare tartlets with chicken and potatoes?

How to prepare tartlets with chicken and potatoes?
Tartlets will be very opportunely during a daily meal and will become fine addition to a festive feast. Gentle shortcake dough is well combined with a fragrant stuffing which you, by the way, can pick up for the taste.

That is required for preparation of dough

125 grams of margarine
250 grams of a flour
Two – three tablespoons of ice water
Salt pinch

For a stuffing

One the boiled, fried or smoked ham
Two – three boiled potatoes
One bulb
50 grams of cheese
Two eggs
100 grams of low-fat sour cream
Salt and black pepper to taste


We sift a flour, we mix with salt, we cut in it margarine. We pound in a crumb and we pour in ice water. Quickly we knead dough, we do of it a sphere, we turn in a film, we clean in cold for an hour.
We divide the cooled dough into ten parts. We roll circles, we stack in forms (diameter 9sm), we pin a bottom a fork. We put on dough on a slice of a foil and we fill peas or haricot (small weight). We bake 15 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

For a stuffing we separate chicken meat from bones and skin, we cut in cubes. Small we cut potato. We cut onions cubes, we fry in vegetable oil to readiness. We mix all ingredients, we add grated cheese, we display on tartlets. We mix sour cream with eggs, we salt, we pepper and we pour out mix in each tartlet over a stuffing. We put in an oven, we bake 15 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees filling will not grab yet. We give hot or after cooling.