How to prepare roast in a Mediterranean way?

How to prepare roast in a Mediterranean way?
At the heart of roast – beef and vegetables. Tasty and very nourishing dish with dense, saturated sauce turns out. It can be given and as sauce to boiled rice and as an independent dish.

Necessary products

Beef kilogram
One eggplant
One vegetable marrow
500 grams of potatoes
Two – three tomatoes
Two segments of garlic
One – two bulbs
Two tablespoons of a flour
Two tablespoons of vegetable oil
Glass of dry red wine
Rosemary branch
Salt and black pepper
Parsley greens
Bay leaf


To cut meat large pieces, to roll in in a flour and to fry in oil on strong fire within five minutes. During frying meat has to become covered by a ruddy crust. That the crust was uniform, fry meat in the small portions. Shift the fried pieces in a cauldron or in a pan with a thick bottom and start preparation of vegetables.
Onions need to be cut largely. To scald tomatoes boiled water and to husk. To cut pulp segments. From a branch of rosemary to tear off leaves. To put onions in the same frying pan in which meat was fried, to fry it two minutes, then to add rosemary, tomatoes, a lavrushka and to pour in wine. To bring to boiling, to pour sauce together with vegetables to meat, to salt, cover and extinguish on weak fire about an hour. Then will add potatoes slices, in ten minutes to put the eggplant and a vegetable marrow cut in cubes and to prepare even minutes 15. To season with spices to taste, before giving to strew with small cut parsley greens.