How to calculate income tax of the organization

How to calculate income tax of the organization

In activity of firm play taxes huge role. They are present practically at all production phases. Each of taxes has to be reflected in accounting registration activity of the company, as well as any financial operation. For them also exists certain fields / lines of filling. To calculate the size of income tax of the enterprise or organization, it is necessary to execute the following actions.

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Reflect income tax in accounting, it will help you to trace both taxes and profit. Timely record in the put line has to be made regularly for correctly financial functioning of the organization.


Accrue at first a tax on accounting profit. It is also often possible to find these calculations under the name the Conditional expense / income on income tax. It becomes to calculate that sum on which the tax will be directed. There the main aspect of the taxation – the profit got by firm comes to light. But at calculation of a tax it is also important not to forget that it is necessary to take the profit sum with a deduction of costs of production of this or that production or services. The size of expenses is defined according to chapter 25 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.


Make conductings following the results of the reporting period. The reporting period in this sphere is calendar year. The first conducting the Debit the 99th sub-account "A conditional expense (income) on income tax" the Credit 68 – is added a conditional expense on income tax or instead the Debit 68, the Credit 99 the sub-account "A conditional expense (income) on income tax" – is added the conditional income on income tax. It will group all sums so that to find a reporting total amount.


Determine the tax sum proceeding from tax base. To almost each firm income tax is accrued. To learn what firms and the organizations enter this list, use point 1 of article 289 and article 246 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. At the account and the reporting in the financial sphere the organizations and the enterprises have to have declarations which are obliged to represent all organizations, even those who is not obliged to pay income tax.


Calculate the sum of net profit, that is that which does not contain already any expenses of production, advertizing and realization. And according to the Tax Code calculate tax percent well this sum. It will also be income tax of the organization.