How to get out of captivity in the game Soldier's Feat

How to get out of captivity in the game Soldier's Feat

Because the third part of the Call of Duty series passed the PC market, computer players were deprived some years of opportunity to walk on fields of battles of World War II. The amateur addona adding to game new locations and levels, however came to the rescue they are full of the bugs and absurdities disturbing to passing. Excellent to that fashions "The soldier's feat" is an example.

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As soon as the character gets under your control – turn on 180 degrees. Behind you rather large manhole from a chamber will be located. Sit down (by default – a key C) and go down – you will appear in the empty room with a lattice in a corner and several boxes.

Existence of a lattice – the bug left by developers fashion. Get on boxes (if cannot reach the top – in a jump press "to sit down"), rest the person against a lattice, turn sideways and, constantly jumping, pass "through" an obstacle. You will get to a certain analog of ventilation which comes out directly to a weapon warehouse.

Choose any weapon. All copies of the rifles and machine guns available in game are presented to storage. The rest of level passes in the enclosed space, and therefore the German machine gun will become the most rational choice.

Leave in a corridor. This part of mission is strictly linear, to get lost will be problematic – as a hindrance only the coming opponents can serve. Do not forget that if you are killed too often, in the menu of settings it is possible to switch complexity level to lower. Having passed some corridors, you will get to the open room full of opponents.

Throw to yourself under feet the smoke grenade. Thanks to imperfection of graphics you will be able to see silhouettes of the opponents trying you to surround. Actively use all available types of grenades and use a smoke as masking – otherwise it will be extremely difficult to pass an episode.

In the last room of the player expects 4-5 soldiers. Thanks to that two of them stand at once opposite to an entrance, you can quickly kill them with a shot in the head: simply hold a sight at the necessary level before opening a door. Opponents round the corner can be liquidated by means of grenades. After an exit from this room mission "Escape from captivity" will be complete.