How to gain weight and muscles

How to gain weight and muscles

It is much more difficult to gain muscle bulk and to increase the gross weight of a body, than to lose some extra kilos. It is necessary to make a set of efforts to achieve desirable result. The main thing, on what you have to pay the attention is a food and physical activities.

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First, for increase in body weight it is necessary to eat very often, several times a day, as at an organism constantly there have to be growth sources. It is better to eat food in the small portions, but it is frequent, than to eat two-three times of a portion of large volume. To sense from such food will not leave and trainings will be in that case not too effective. So include in the schedule, except breakfasts, lunches and dinners, also so-called having a snack. They have to repeat each 1,5-2 hours. Use green tea, yogurts, fruit, sandwiches during such small breaks. By the way, you in general have to forget that such feeling of hunger. For increase in muscles construction material has to come to an organism constantly.


Do not forget that your diet will consist from now on as of carbohydrates, fats, and of proteins. However, the last has to be much more. The matter is that after trainings muscular tissue needs updating, and proteins are for this purpose necessary. Their day norm per day makes about 1,5 g on weight kg. Pay attention also that you need to accept enough liquid (in a day drink not less than 12 glasses).


From proteins it is useful to use fish, eggs, meat. It is best of all if meat is chicken (it is easier acquired). It is not recommended to eat per day more than three eggs, even two it will appear quite enough. Besides, at a diet there have to be a cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir or milk with high percent of fat content. From carbohydrates use pasta, potatoes, white loaf more often. Remember and fats: for example, fill salads with soy, olive or sunflower oil.


Physical activity is not less important for a set of muscle bulk also. However here it is necessary to be careful: raise it on occupations only gradually, increase the weight of exercise machines too gradually (instead of weight it is possible to increase number of repetitions of the chosen exercises). By the way, the optimum number of repetitions makes 8-12 times. Will not do sense neither less, nor it is more at the beginning. So also weight select for this purpose the corresponding.