How to write a response in the thesis

How to write a response in the thesis

When the theoretical part of the thesis is already written and necessary research is conducted, and the laboratory assistant on chair checked and confirmed compliance of registration to requirements, there is the last breakthrough before protection – to receive a comment of the research supervisor.

It is required to you

Thesis, analytical skills

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The cap of the form response has to contain the name of establishment of education which is finished by the student, and faculty.


It is necessary to enter a surname, a name, a middle name of the graduate and a subject of his thesis below.


The response represents an assessment of qualitative level of work on three big sections:

- General characteristic of the thesis.
- Nature of activity of the student.
- Approbation of results of research.


Gradation of an assessment of qualitative level: high, average, low. Opposite to the estimated criterion in the column corresponding to level it is ticked off.


The general characteristic of the thesis assumes an assessment of the following criteria:

- Justification of relevance of a subject.
- Logicality and structure of a statement of material.
- Quality of the review and analysis of literature.
- A correctness of citings and references on cited other authors in the text.
- Correctness and validity of a choice of methods of research.
- Quality of empirical material.
- Care of processing of experimental data.
- Correctness of a formulation of own conclusions.
- Compliance of conclusions and conclusion of the purpose and to thesis tasks.
- Quality of registration of the diploma.


Nature of activity of the student is estimated in the following parameters:

- Independence of scheduling.
- Independence of carrying out research.
- Realization of councils of the research supervisor.
- Timely performance of tasks of each stage of preparation of the diploma.
- Level of abilities, skills of carrying out scientific researches.
- Activity and initiative of the student.


Approbation of results of research reveals through criteria:

- Number of scientific conferences, seminars in which the student participated (to specify quantity).
- Number of publications on a research subject.
- Existence of adoption deeds (yes/no).


The conclusion has to contain a total assessment of the thesis and a consent (or disagreement) the research supervisor to appropriate to the student the corresponding specialty, and also his signature and date of writing of a response.


The response on the thesis is applied to the diploma and is given in writing on the special form.