How to make sugar candies cockerels

How to make sugar candies cockerels
How to make sugar candies cockerels

Many remember from the childhood sugar candies - cockerels. They were on sale in shops or from hands on streets. They were loved by all children. Now such delicacy can be prepared easily independently in house conditions. Special formochka and the imagination will be necessary for you.

The preparation time of 34 minutes is required to you formochka; sugar 0,5 glasses; water 2 tablespoons; food dyes; pan; skewers or sticks. For creamy candies: sugar 200 gr; milk or cream of 100 ml; vanillin; butter 40 gr. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Make Sugar Candies Cockerels" How to bake a pie in house conditions How to prepare house sausages How to prepare mascarpone in house conditions



Prepare all necessary for preparation of classical sugar candies cockerels. Take a small pan or a bucket. Mix granulated sugar with water before full dissolution. Cook sugar with water on weak fire to full transparency. Add food dye. For coloring it is possible to use natural juice (for example, carrot juice for yellow color or beet for red) instead of dyes. Check syrup for readiness. For this purpose pour cold water in a bowl and drip syrup. The drop of syrup has to stiffen in water. If the drop stiffened, remove a pan from fire and stir slowly syrup thirty more seconds. Prepare formochka. Oil forms the vegetable in advance. Pour ready mix in formochka. Prepare sticks and thrust them. Leave caramel before hardening. Sugar candy is ready.


Try to prepare creamy sugar candies. For this purpose take sugar and mix it with milk (cream). If you decided to use milk, add to it butter. Put a pan on slow fire and cook, before emergence of bubbles, constantly stirring slowly. Contents have to have a coffee shade. After that remove a pan from fire, for taste add vanillin. Previously oil Formochki vegetable and pour syrup in forms. If you have not enough formochek, fill only one half of a formochka and cover it with a confectionery leaf. Then sugar candy will turn out unilateral, but you will be able to make many cockerels. Put sticks and cool sugar candies. Then take out them from a form.


Try to spill weight it still the hot so far. If in the course of pouring your weight cooled down, warm up it in the microwave oven. If at you is not present formochek for sugar candies, use usual cold water. Accurately and small portions pour out syrup in water. Stiffening in cold water, at you small sugar candies, of course, not in the form of a cockerel will turn out.