How to learn, what processor at me in the computer

How to learn, what processor at me in the computer

Multitasking of your computer in many respects depends on the processor. How many gigabytes of random access memory was on it and how powerful videocard did not stand, all the same, if the processor weak there, from all this you a little that will take. Buying any software, you have to look at its compliance of speed of the processor of the computer.

It is required to you

- computer;
- TuneUp Utilities program.

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The easiest way to learn the main information on your processor such is. Press on "My computer" the right button of a mouse, then in the menu choose "Properties". There will be a window where will the main information on a stone, its type and frequency is written.

One more way such is. Press "Start-up", further - "All programs". Choose "Standard", then - "A command line". Now in a command line enter Systeminfo. Wait some seconds, and you receive information on the processor.

The above described ways gives only the most main information on the processor. If you need to learn in more detail about its opportunities, you can use special software. Use the TuneUp Utilities program for these purposes. Download it from the Internet and put on the computer.

Start an aaplet. After the first start it will collect data on system. On it about a minute of time can leave. After completion of collecting data you appear in the main menu of the program.

Pass on the Correction of Problems tab then choose the section "Show System Information". The first section which "The general review" will open, called. Here also there is an information on the processor but not all.

Click a mouse on the System Devices tab. In the section "Processor" information on a stone, its socket and quantity a cache memory will be available. In the lower section you can look at information about the BIOS processor. If you have not enough of it, press on the line "Processor Details". The additional window with even more detailed information on a stone will open.

Pass to the Features tab. In this window there will be at the left a list of different technologies which are available to modern processors. If a certain technology is supported by it, she will be marked out by a tag.