Why koalas disappear

Why koalas disappear

The Australian ecologists sound alarm: according to their data, koalas, charming harmless animals, being one of symbols of Australia, can disappear in 30 years, having remained only in zoos. And fault to they are the person and his activity.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Why Koalas Disappear" How to buy nickel How not to get lost in the wood How to issue research work Population of koalas – the Australian marsupials of bears - promptly decreases, despite efforts of "green" defenders of the nature. If in the 1900th year in Australia about ten million koalas were, now, according to researchers, koalas there were in the wild nature no more than ten thousand.

Koalas have no enemies in fauna. The person appeared the main danger to them. At the end of XIX – the beginning of the XX century, with mass arrival in Australia of Europeans, hunting for koalas because of their dense fur began. Trustful animals were exterminated in huge scales (for example, in 1924 only from Eastern States Australia two million skins of a koala were taken out). In 1927 hunting for koalas was forbidden, but there was (and remains to this day) other threat of their life: cutting down of the eucalyptus woods.

The eucalyptus woods – habitat of koalas, an indispensable condition of their life. After all small animals eat only foliage of eucalyptuses, their organism is arranged so that they do not transfer other food. Koalas do not even drink any liquid, except mother's milk in the childhood. The word "koala" in language of natives of Australia means "not to drink". The moisture containing in eucalyptus leaves is enough for this animals. In a day adult the koala eats about 1 kg of these leaves and, even starving, will not touch other plants.

The cutting down and forest fires (which became frequent in recent years) promptly reduce the territory occupied in Australia by the woods from eucalyptus trees. The koalas who in usual conditions are carrying out all life on a tree are compelled to go down for the earth and to overcome long distances in search of food. Such travel are fraught for them with danger of death: they perish under wheels of cars, become the victims of dog packs. Besides, threat to health of koalas is born by the pincers delivered to the country from Indonesia and Japan.

From what party to look, the person appeared the deadly enemy of lovely, harmless, trustful animals. In the Australian legislation it is not provided the measures protecting habitat of koalas. In the Staff of Queensland of koalas you will not meet any more though in their 2000 about 20 thousand were there. As it is sad probably in the near future fluffy small animals it will be possible to admire only in a koala parks, created by efforts "green" near the cities of Sydney and Perth.