How to paint walls

How to paint walls

Walls painting is an excellent way quickly to change appearance of the room. Correctly to paint, it is necessary to know the main requirements imposed to a surface of walls, and to the used tools.

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It is possible to paint both an otshpaklevanny surface, and walls which are pasted over with special wall-paper. If you make the decision on painting in the course of repair, think that hard putty of walls under painting has to be executed ideally – any defects will be well visible on the painted walls. Wall-paper, on the contrary, will hide the shortcomings allowed during hard putty and if you have not enough experience for performance of qualitative hard putty of walls, it is better to choose wall-paper under painting.


It is recommended to use the tinted paints – in case of shortage of paint you will be able always to get the same color, using the paint code received at a kolerovka. Use opaque paints if wish to achieve rest and harmony, and glossy if you need the atmosphere of dynamics – luster does colors brighter and saturated.


To walls painting it is necessary to paint a ceiling. Otherwise drops of paint can splash the painted walls. Then walls should be processed soil solution which will remove a fine dust and will cover a surface with a thin layer of earth, having strengthened the top layer of hard putty.


After drying of a primer it is possible to start painting. Pour paint in a cuvette, gather the roller a small amount of paint and start painting from above, alternating vertical sliding of the roller to the horizontal. So you will achieve an equal covering, and will not leave admissions. It is especially important to observe such principle of work as the roller when putting paint of light tones.


In corners and on joints of walls with a ceiling use a paint brush because it will be extremely difficult to paint with the roller such places for coloring. After walls are completely painted, let's paint dry, and put 1 - 2 more layer.