What is the cathedral

What is the cathedral

The first Christians during an era of Ancient Rome gathered in underground shelters (catacombs), in the same place and arranged primitive molal rooms. Subsequently, when the Christianity ceased to be exposed to persecutions, became the dominating religion, need for such precautions disappeared. For departure of religious practices temples started being under construction. Their size and furniture depended on many reasons: economic, political, social. Cases when construction dragged on for very long term are frequent.

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From the point of view of religion, any consecrated temple, up to the most modest roadside chapel, is equally expensive and pleasing to God. Nevertheless, and secret "table of ranks" works here. If the temple for any reason has the special status, to it the rank of a cathedral can be given. Well, and if in this temple the bishop – the head of a local administrative and territorial unit (diocese) for whom the special place of honor – chair is taken away makes church services, such cathedral is called "cathedral".

Formally, the bishop can elect the residence any temple at discretion, even the most usual, nothing remarkable. However, as the status of a cathedral automatically means that during services in it there will be a large number of people, bishops usually stopped the choice on the most spacious and majestic buildings. Many of them represent themselves the real masterpieces of architecture, historical monuments which are still attracting a huge number not only the believing people, but also laymen, tourists from all ends of Earth.

The majority of cathedrals of Western Europe were constructed in Gothic style. Perhaps, the most known of them glorified in many books and movies – Notre Dame de Paris – Notre Dame de Paris. Other French cathedral – de Reims Notre Dame where in the Middle Ages there were crownings of kings of France is amazingly beautiful. The cathedral in Florence – Santa-Maria-del-Fyore is magnificent. Contrary to widespread opinion, the most "important" Catholic cathedral – Saint Peter in Rome – cathedral is not. That does not reduce number of the visitors wishing to look at this miracle at all.

In Russia many cathedrals have the status of the cathedral. For example, in Moscow – the well-known Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and Bogoyavlensky – the residence of the Patriarch. In St. Petersburg – Kazan Cathedral, creation of the architect Voronikhin. In Veliky Novgorod – St. Sophia Cathedral. The most part of the Russian cathedrals is constructed according to the Byzantine traditions, in more strict, sustained tones, but too are magnificent.