How to define malfunction of a pomp

How to define malfunction of a pomp

The water pomp is the detail providing circulation of liquid in the car cooling system. At malfunction of the water pump the car engine quickly overheats and begins to boil. Timely determination of malfunctions of a pomp gives to the owner of the car the chance in advance to be prepared for its "death" and to get a spare detail.

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The overheat of the engine of the car is one of possible indicators of damage of a water pomp. Along with other reasons, the overheat of the engine is often connected with malfunction of the water pump, defect of his driving belt or damage of a krylchatka.

If at the movement of an arrow of the indicator of temperature are above an average mark, it is necessary to include car "oven" on all power. Choose a place, if necessary having reconstructed, and stop the car. Kill the engine and touch a radiator. If it warm, most likely, the water pump of the car is faulty. To be convinced of it it is final, it is necessary to feel a driving belt of a pomp. If its temperature is higher usual, it is possible to say that malfunction is defined.

Other signs of damage of the water pump of the car is emergence of an excessive extraneous noise and smell of lubricant cooling liquid from under a cowl.

Insufficient circulation of cooling liquid also testifies to breakage of a water pomp. For fast diagnostics it is recommended to start the car engine on single turns. Clamp a finger, and then release the top hose of a radiator. If the water pomp is serviceable. that you will feel a push of cooling liquid.

Try to define to the touch a pomp bearing side play. For this purpose slightly shake a shaft, having undertaken the fan. The big side play testifies to existence of damage of bearings.

Also it is possible to diagnose malfunction of a water pomp by means of usual white paper. Spread out sheets under the car and leave them for the night. In the morning attentively examine paper - if it got wet, it testifies about pump leakages. Green spots on sheets speak about leak of cooling liquid.

It is necessary to remember that a water pomp it is recommended to change, about, 90 000 km after passing.