How to remake back brakes

How to remake back brakes

In increasing frequency many car owners seek to remake back brakes of the car to improve brake ability. To change drum brakes on disk it is possible practically by any car, thus having certain skills and necessary elements of brake system.

It is required to you

- set of back brake disks;
- the reinforced brake hoses;
- brake shoes;
- supports;
- set of keys and screw-drivers;
- brake fluid.

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In the beginning prepare your car, having lifted the back party a jack and having removed wheels. Further, remove brake drums, naves, brake shoes and a rope of the parking brake. After that disconnect a rubber brake hose from a hydraulic cylinder.

Having removed old brake system, take a back brake disk and put it on a seat of a back nave. Further, press wheel hairpins and tighten wheel nuts. Track that he finally sat down on a seat, differently not to avoid troubles.

Having finished with a disk, start establishing a support. Instead of a guard of a drum establish it by a seat in a beam end face. After insert a half shaft and bolt everything. Establishing a support bracket, pay attention to that it did not touch a brake disk. Insert brake shoes into a bracket. If opportunity is presented, get brake shoes of the same brand, as brake disks. Each company – the producer, letting out disks, adjusts to them blocks, considering various parameters, for example, the size.

After brake shoes connect the reinforced brake hose which then connect to a metal tube. Make connection, using a special bolt - the union. The reinforced hoses have big advantage before rubber as the last stretch, blown up and can simply on break simply that leads to leak of brake fluid. In end establish a bench hammer. After full alteration adjust pressure of back brakes that efficiency of braking was not restrained.