How to adjust a rear-view mirror

How to adjust a rear-view mirror

It seems to the beginning motorist that adjustment of mirrors does not present any difficulty and cannot take a lot of time. However it is necessary to remember that safety of driving will depend on the correct control of a rear-view mirror in many respects. Well adjusted mirrors provide the good review and help to make the right decision in a difficult road situation.

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Sit down on a driver's seat. Slightly incline the head to the left shoulder. Now start carrying out adjustment of a lateral mirror so that you could see well edge of a rear bumper on the left side of the car.

Similarly adjust the second mirror to make the review optimum. Be guided thus by the right edge of a rear bumper. Similar adjustment reduces the review of "a dead zone" to a minimum, that is you will be able always to see that for maneuver other participants of the movement carry out behind your car.

Make control of the standard internal mirror located in salon so that the center of the review coincided with the center of back glass of the car.

To increase the review of back borders of the car, establish a special parabolic mirror in salon. It fastens above the regular saloon. It is required to get used to a parabolic mirror as it distorts the image a little, at the same time increasing visibility of a situation behind the car.

Be convinced that the mirrors providing the review of a rear view are adjusted correctly. It is ideal when lateral mirrors together with an internal mirror give you a full type of a road situation around the car. Modify review devices so that when viewing "blind zones" were not found so-called.

Use the help of the workmate for final check of adjustment of the review. Ask it to bypass slowly the car, observing a distance to it no more than two meters. Thus accompany the person with a look in a rear-view mirror, being on the driver's seat. If adjustment is executed truly, at loss of the image in a lateral mirror it right there appears on the mirror located in salon.

During operation of the car periodically check, how well mirrors provide the review. If control got off, try at the first opportunity to modify the provision of mirrors according to the scheme given above.