How to put nails in order

How to put nails in order

To have strong and beautiful nails, the integrated approach is necessary. Reconsider the diet and adjust healthy nutrition. Watch timely manicure, do not forget about rubber gloves when perform the homework connected with washing and cleaning. Look after nogotochka outside, indulge them creams and nutritious trays. At such approach your hands will not need to be hidden in pockets.

It is required to you

Diet for nails
- fish and seafood
- fig and dates
- yeast
- vitamin A and E
- gelatin

Tray for nails with iodine
- sunflower oil (50 g)
- iodine (2 drops)
- pan

Tray with olive or vegetable oil
- olive or vegetable oil (50 g)
- lemon juice (1 h. spoon)
- pan

Tray with herbs
- burdock root (1 h. spoon)
- camomile (1 h. spoon)
- St. John's Wort (1 h. spoon)
- boiled water (1 glass)
- pan

Ointment with beeswax
- beeswax (3 g)
- peach oil or olive oil (5 drops)

House manicure
- means for removal of a varnish
- orange stick
- a basis under a varnish
- nail file

- vegetable oil (3 drops)

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Diet for nails.
Include in the diet fish and seafood. Fish it is better to steam, for preservation of nutrients. Eat products with gelatin, for example, jelly or fruit jelly. Buy in a drugstore vitamins for nails and beer yeast. Use dairy products and dried fruits, such as a fig and dates. Dried fruits can be made boiled water and to accept in the form of infusion.


Tray for nails with iodine
Heat crude sunflower oil on a plate or in a microwave. It should not be hot. Pour in a deep pan that in it it was possible to lower fingers, having shipped nails in oil. Drop in oil iodine. Take in an oil tray nails within 10 - 15 minutes.


Tray with olive or vegetable oil
Add lemon juice to the warmed-up oil. Lower fingers in oil that nails were covered with nutritious mix, take hands in such provision of 15 minutes. After procedure blot fingers with a paper napkin.


Tray with herbs.
Fill up a burdock root, a camomile and a St. John's Wort in a thermos, fill in with boiled water, let's be drawn. Filter infusion in a deep bowl and take in it hands. Do such tray of times a week.


Ointment with beeswax.
In the softened beeswax drop oil. Stir. Mix has to have a kremoobrazny consistence. Smear with self-made ointment nails. Hold long as will be able. Erase the remains of ointment a napkin.


House manicure.
Delete the remains of a varnish from nails with special means without acetone. Remove a cuticle an orange stick. Give the form to nails a glass or ceramic nail file. Use a basis under a color varnish that the varnish lay more exactly and did not eat in a nail plate.


Apply nutritious oil on nails and on cuticles. Thumbs of hands make roundabouts on nails, massage nail plates and cuticles. Rub in them oil. Remove the remains of oil with a paper napkin.