How to send a sticker

How to send a sticker

The word "sticker" in translation into Russian means the sticker which is carrying out function of outdoor advertizing. Today they can be met in subway cars, electric trains, on lampposts – everywhere where a large number of people periodically accumulates. Unlike usual, the virtual version of a sticker is a gift which can be sent to the loved one.

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Sending a sticker gift to the friend - service paid. Let's explain on the example of the popular social network "My World". In the beginning open the page of the addressee and choose the sticker which attracted to you. The window in which lower part there is a green plate "Opens to pay and send".

Do on it a click, and on the opened page there are payment options on sending a sticker. From you SMS is required or to send to the offered number, or to make payment from the cash card, through one of electronic payment systems or via the payment terminal. After payment is made, the sticker will be sent to your addressee.


There are also other options. Visit the page of the addressee and choose a gift then press on "to send". Then in the line "address" find id in the browser = … and replace the available figure with a sticker code. It was necessary to press ENTER or to refresh the page.


For those who does not like to eat fine opportunity to replace a virtual sticker with a greeting card on any of the offered forms which practically differ in nothing from stickers on a variety of options. Moreover, it is much simpler to send a card through choose a card, fill two address lines (a name and E-mail), write the text of the message and press on "to Send".


In addition, it is possible to specify date of departure of a card, to make request about the notice of its receiving and even to send a sound congratulation – everything absolutely free. Sending stickers in "Schoolmates" and "VKontakte" happens according to absolutely identical scheme: to choose the addressee, to choose a sticker, to send after the made payment.