How to put seedling of tomatoes

How to put seedling of tomatoes

Tomatoes love almost everything because it is useful and, the main thing, is tasty. For those who seeded seedling of tomatoes in March, in June there comes the hottest time.

It is required to you

- manure humus
- superphosphate
- peat
- potassium sulfate

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So, to receive a worthy crop, it is necessary to know how to put seedling of tomatoes.

Prepare a box for seedling and fill it with the earth. Calibrate seeds of tomatoes, to an obezzarazhta and temper. Condense the earth in a box, well wet it. Make grooves from 1 to 1,2 cm in depth, at distance of 2,5-3 cm from each other. Cover boxes with glass, plywood or a film and put them in rather warm place (with a temperature not less than + 20-25 °). Keep at first seedling in a shadow, gradually accustoming to the sun.


At emergence of the first real leaf on sprouts replace them in separate pots, pinching off at each bush the central root on 1/3 that powerful roots were formed. When the seedling is ready to change in a kitchen garden that will occur approximately in few months after disembarkation of seeds, pave the way to its change.


To put seedling of tomatoes, carefully dig over a bed, fertilize the soil manure humus, superphosphate, peat and sulfate of potassium. It is better to do it in cloudy weather.


Accurately take out a sapling bush together with an earth lump on a root and place it in a hole, without deepening in it a stalk. Saplings of average height land at distance 40-45 cm from each other, leaving in row-spacings on 50 cm. For undersized grades there is enough distance in 40 cm.


Two weeks later hill saplings on stalk height to 12 cm. Put pegs. Do not water saplings ten days until they get accustomed.


For receiving a good harvest important not only how to put seedling of tomatoes, but also the subsequent formation of bushes. If the bush in one stalk is formed:

- remove on it everything stepsons;
- leave 5-6 brushes on the main escape;
- make a nipping over the top flower brush, having left on it 2-3 leaflets.


If the bush in two stalks is formed:

- do not touch the stepson under the first growing brush;
- leave 4 fruit brushes on the main stalk;
- prishchipnit a top.