What female grimaces are not acceptable for men?

What female grimaces are not acceptable for men?
If men have to have the whole arsenal of knightly receptions of a seducing, for a victory and conquest of the elect to the clever and nice woman it is a lot of and it is not necessary. Nevertheless, there are receptions which to a male seem very silly, causing sincere bewilderment.
What female grimaces are most not acceptable for men?
1. Nervous biting of lips. Especially, if I have a snack also the top. The guy starts thinking that obviously something hurts the girl.
2. Sponges bow. More likely, looking like the inflated duck beak. And who told, what pouted it is sexual? It is visible, angrily joked! Actually - horror!
3. The slightly opened mouth. A sensual mouth it is beautiful and effective. Slightly slightly opened, too, but only in photos. Thoughts of chronic cold, a problem with a jaw, paralysis of a facial nerve and intellectual inferiority come to lives.
4. Winking. The first reaction - a nervous tic! Or the girl made something criminal!
5. Rolling of eyes. Especially, during laughter, accompanied with the thrown-back head. Often repeated, causes suspicion on an epilepsy attack.
6. Turning of a lock on a finger. It is a hint what did not manage to make a wave? To buy hair curlers?
7. "Hot" photos. Deliberate poses, the nakedness exposed on general display, ridiculous compositions involuntarily cause rejection.