How to answer the GAI officer

How to answer the GAI officer

Unfortunately, not all drivers well know the rights, and some of them prefer to bribe the inspector who stopped them somewhat quicker to go and to be got involved in long conversation. However to learn it is correctly to talk to the staff of GAI nevertheless it is necessary, after all so you will be able to avoid many problems.

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Write down your conversation on a dictophone or at least pretend that included it. Ask the employee of GAI to be presented more loudly that its surname, the name and a middle name could be distinguished easily when listening record. GAI officers have no right to forbid you to use the camera, the camera or a dictophone if it does not disturb performance of their direct duties. But the employee of GAI who stopped you for certain will try to construct conversation most correctly if it is sure that conversation registers.

Are not rude to the GAI officer, be extremely polite and correct. If he asks to show documents – transfer them to him, orders to leave the car – leave without excess disputes. Answer all questions quietly, without raising the voice. Do not threaten the employee of GAI with dismissal, your communications with serious people, etc., do not use swear words.

If the employee of GAI claims that you are drunk, and thus you obviously catch the alcohol smell proceeding from the alcoholic tester offered you, quietly answer that you refuse check. Otherwise specially processed tester for certain will show high degree of intoxication even if you are absolutely sober. Tell that you will prefer to pass medical examination at the doctor: you have on this full authority.

If the inspector says that at your car toning of glasses is overestimated and shows the device which allegedly measured it – quietly say that demand independent check. It is impossible to measure toning directly on a roadside by means of any magic scanner are only state inspectors of technical supervision on stationary posts can do.

Agree to examination of the car only in the presence of witnesses, you besides have to choose them, but not the employee of GAI. If the inspector found witnesses still before stopped you, he, most likely, already agreed with them about false testimonies. In such cases in the car can throw, for example, drugs, accuse the driver and demand immediate payment of a penalty. Be not afraid to stop someone else's machines and to ask drivers to be witnesses, and also do not forget to demand the copy of the protocol on examination.