How to feed children

How to feed children

His full and harmonious development depends on healthy nutrition of the child. All mothers want to see the kids, first of all, healthy and happy. A power source, construction material of an organism of the child is the various and balanced food. It is not less important that the children's diet was "svoyeremenny".

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From the birth before half a year only breastfeeding is desirable. Maternal milk for 90% consists of water, it satisfies need of the child for liquid. It is necessary to feed the newborn from 10 to 12 times in days. By 3 months most of children have enough from 6 to 8 feedings. It is possible to nurse the six-month-old kid 4-5 times in the afternoon and 1-2 times at night. Sometimes the child does not have breast milk, then enter dokorm in the form of dairy mixes. If a situation not critical (when milk vanishes sharply), mix is entered, since 10 ml, and every day added on 10-20 ml, attentively tracing reaction of an organism. It is better to postpone a feeding up until 6 months.


Following half a year. Undoubtedly, maternal milk - ideal food for the kid. But nutrients, which in mother's milk are necessary for the growing organism of the child already insufficiently. Enter a feeding up into a diet: the boiled or baked vegetables and fruit, porridges, meat wiped. The best feeding up for the first time is vegetable puree, then it is possible to taste porridges, and by ninth month – add meat. In shops now a wide choice of baby food. Enter new products into a diet of the baby gradually and better during morning feeding. The norm of test - is no more than 10 g. Attentively watch reaction of the child, a condition of his skin, a chair. If the feeding up is badly transferred, it is better to replace it or to wait month – another and again to try. Not to add salt and sugar up to one year better.


Let's consider, what food are admissible during the period from 1 to 3 years. The leading positions at milk and dairy products: the adapted dairy mix, kefir, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, a small amount of cheese. Remember, it is better not to give whole cow's milk. Meat of various grades, except pork, approximately on 100 g a day enters a diet. Low-fat grades of fish, only 20-30 g. You should not give to the child sausages. A half of boiled egg or 1 egg in the form of an omelet. It is possible to include a small amount in the menu at first vegetable, and then and butter. Buckwheat, pearl-barley, yachnevy grain, and also macaroni are very useful (but 1-2 times a week). Kids can give rye and white bread, drying, croutons. And, of course, a source of vitamins – fruit and vegetables. And here it is better to postpone the use of candies and chocolate, at least, until approach of three years.


From 3 to 6 years. This extremely active time in the child's life. It spends a lot of energy and restores it by means of food. In a diet carbohydrates have to prevail. The daily menu has to include: milk, meat, vegetables, fruit, oil, sugar. Time in a week of egg, fish, cheese, cottage cheese. It is better to feed the child in certain time and 3–4 times a day. It is necessary for full assimilation of food. Features of preparation and culinary processing of dishes are reduced to that it is necessary to avoid hot spices and fried dishes. Do not include store semi-finished products, chips, aerated water in the child's diet.