How to prove that you do not lie

How to prove that you do not lie

Words of lie, and do not trust you? From helplessness you cannot master feelings any more, are nervous and are not able to give reasonable arguments. However by use of a certain tactics you will be able not only to convince the interlocutor of the correctness, but also to hide small lie. And the white lie is justified. As it is possible to prove, what you do not lie? Use receptions of belief.

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Your tranquillity, soberness of mind and common sense will be the key to success in this action. Do not allow the interlocutor to press on you and to win in dialogue. If you feel that it interrupts and does not allow you to finish any phrase, let's it be uttered. After that begin an explanation anew. Designate the monologue the phrase like "Let's me tell" or "You spoke? Now listen to me".


Seek to sustain the statement in the form of a monologue. It will allow information to be postponed in the head of the interlocutor entirely. If the partner continues to interrupt, do not try to outvoice him as this behavior will quickly discompose you, and unconsciously you will be adjusted on a wave of the interlocutor, giving in to his pressure. The interlocutor tore off you your speech, but quickly stopped? Shortly repeat all before information submitted to it to keep integrity of the suggested thought.


Your external tranquillity and regularity will affect the interlocutor and will give necessary reaction from his party – steadiness causes trust.


Use bright epithets in the story, recover the speech that it did not seem in advance written and learned by heart. Be most natural. Do not forget about visual contact. The direct look will speak for you, and running and scattered will give you uncertainty.


Analyse gesticulation of your partner and within conversation repeat some of his typical gestures. The person, as a rule, itself does not realize emotional gesticulation, but will also unconsciously apprehend them from you. This trick you increase the persuasiveness and prove that do not lie.


Remember that it is easier for person who feels the tired to prove the case. It is more pliable, its thought processes do not reach the maximum activity. Exploit it and postpone conversation for time, favorable for you.

And in general, build the cordial friendly relations with people, then you should not prove that you do not lie!