Why and when dreams do not dream

Why and when dreams do not dream

When people sleep, we always have dreams even if it seems that it not so. Simply often people do not remember the dreams. The reasons for that there can be a set, since bad conditions for a dream and finishing it with insufficient duration.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Why and when Dreams Do Not Dream" As dream dreams That such a dream How to have good dreams Having conducted a number of researches, scientists established that people see in a night on average 4-5 dreams. It is connected with changes of cycles, each of which includes slow and fast phases of a dream. The second phase is followed by reductions of muscles, the movements of eyes, and sometimes even sounds and the inarticulate speech. By means of the electroencephalograph it is possible to see also changes of brain activity at these moments. If carefully to wake the person when he is in a fast phase of a dream, he, most likely, will remember that saw a dream.

If it seems to the person that he had no dreams, for certain means that he simply did not remember them. It can occur because of bad conditions for a dream: foreign sounds, too high or too low temperature indoors, unfamiliar or unpleasant situation, etc. When the person constantly wakes up because of external irritants, it is quite probable that he will not remember any dreams.

Another, the reason which was much more extended presently is an insufficient duration of a dream and improper conditions for awakening. When people too strongly are tired at work or on study, go to bed after midnight, wake up at six o'clock in the morning and at once run to wash and put on, sometimes it seems to them that they fail in a dream as if sink in black water. The brain is too exhausted by constant loadings, the organism was tired of a sleep debt, and dreams are forgotten instantly. Moreover, even if you dreamed a bright dream, and you remember it right after awakening, thoughts of the forthcoming day can force out all memoirs, and already in a few minutes to you will seem that this night you had no dreams.

Learn to wake up correctly. Change time for awakening that after an alarm clock call you still had 10-15 more minutes quietly to lie down in a bed. Change an alarm clock melody that it did not pull out you from a dream, and helped to wake up slowly. Right after awakening block all thoughts of the forthcoming day and that you need to make right now. Try to remember the dream. If it does not turn out from the first – be not upset. Over time such trainings will yield the fruits, and you will easier remember dreams.