How to open the ftp folder

How to open the ftp folder

On FTP servers, as well as on local hard drives, there is a catalog tree. It is possible to pass into the demanded folder on such server by means of the browser or the manager of files of the general application.

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To come on the FTP server from the browser, place in the field for the address the next line:


If login and the password are requested, enter them.

For transition to the folder bring to it the index of a mouse then press the left button. To move to a level above, press two points located in the top part of the page. It is possible to enter also a full way to the folder as follows:


Consider that on the majority of FTP servers it is possible to download files only from the folders located in the pub folder. Sometimes owners of servers provide special catalogs into which files can be loaded, but browsers are for this purpose unsuitable.

It is much more convenient to work with FTP servers by means of managers of the files having such function, for example, of Midnight Commander (in Linux) or FAR (in Windows). In the second of them can be demanded to install the additional module under the name FTP in the beginning. In the menu of the program select item corresponding to FTP connection (its name depends on the program). Enter the server address:


In Midnight Commander the line which should be entered into a field, looks a little differently:

/! ftp:ftp.server.domain.

If necessary enter a user name and the password. After that it is possible to pass into various folders of the server the same as if they were local, and also to copy from them files in the local folders opened in the next panel. To break off connection, open any local folder in the corresponding panel. Do not try to delete files from the server and to place the files in the folders which are not intended for this purpose. Most likely, it at you will not work well. And if the owner of the server made a mistake in settings, and you managed to make intervention in contents of folders without the permission of the administrator, such actions can be qualified, as illegal access to computer information.