How to treat sulfuric traffic jams

How to treat sulfuric traffic jams

Anatomic features of acoustical pass (too twisting or narrow), the increased secretion of sebaceous glands or the increased viscosity of the sulfur can be the reasons of emergence of sulfuric traffic jams in ears. The sulfuric stopper blocks acoustical pass, causing a hearing disorder.

It is required to you

- hydrogen peroxide;
- the calcinated vegetable oil;
- baking soda, camomile infusion;
- onions.

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Try to soften a sulfuric stopper. Some drops of peroxide of hydrogen also wait for Zakapayte in an ear some time – small traffic jams can leave independently. For the same purposes it is possible to use the calcinated vegetable oil previously cooled – there are enough 5-6 drops. Zakapayte for the night oil also cover an entrance to acoustical pass with a wadded ball. Prepare warm solution of baking soda or infusion of a camomile in the morning, gather liquid in the small syringe and accurately enter into acoustical pass. If necessary repeat procedure once again.


"Heat" a sulfuric stopper. The way demands a certain skill therefore secure with the help of close people. At first it is necessary to prepare a funnel from linen fabric – for this purpose it needs to be dunked into the kindled beeswax and at once to twist in the form of a paper paper bag. Insert narrow part of a funnel into acoustical pass, and set fire to opposite part, thus the head has to be inclined towards a design. Warm air has to extend a sulfuric stopper due to the vacuum created in a cavity. A tube put out the moment when a half of a funnel burns down in volume.


Dissolve a sulfuric stopper. The good dissolving properties the usual onions possess. Grate a small bulb, wring out juice, filter it through the gauze folded double and dig in in an ear. Carry out procedure each 2 hours within two days – onions will dissolve a stopper, and it will freely flow out from acoustical pass.


Undergo procedure of washing away of a stopper. Address to the otolaryngologist – a powerful stream of water from a special syringe the expert will wash up all deposits of sulfur, then will dry acoustical pass. If suppuration began or there is a perforation of an eardrum, the stopper will be removed with a special probe with a hook.


The second popular method of removal of a sulfuric stopper in the conditions of a hospital – its dissolution by means of special structures. The doctor will inject a drug in acoustical pass and then will remove sulfur by means of special manipulations. Not one procedure therefore receive medical treatment completely can be necessary for full dissolution of a stopper – so you with guarantee will get rid of sulfuric deposits.