Who thought up an attraction the Big wheel?

Who thought up an attraction the Big wheel?
The first-ever Big wheel was designed and constructed in 1893 by the certified specialist of Polytechnical institute of Rensselaer and Pittsburgh, the bridge builder of Pennsylvania, George Ferris.
The wheel was for the first time shown at the World Fair of Columbus to Chicago, Illinois.
Its height made 80 meters (264 foots), on it 2 160 people could sweep and consisted of 36 cabins, in each cabin 60 people could accommodate (40 sedentary places and 20 standing). Two turns did a big wheel in 20 minutes. The first turn was with six stops that people could leave and enter, and the second turn was without stops. The price of the ticket made 50 cents.
After a while the bridge through the river Kanakas which was approximately in 45 miles to the South from Chicago, to the North from Tefft in Indiana was built of sections of this wheel.