How to sell a share in real estate

How to sell a share in real estate

One of the most difficult transactions with real estate sale of a share in the apartment is considered. Cases when owners have intense relations are frequent. Besides, in most cases shares are not allocated in the natural form therefore it is difficult to define where square meters of one owner come to an end and possession of the second begin. However if competently to approach business, all questions it is possible to settle and make the transaction.

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Having decided to sell the to a dale in real estate, first of all specify, property, joint at you, or share. In case of joint property of a share of owners are not defined. The similar situation meets when the apartment is bought by married couples or if it is about the real estate acquired in the early nineties when shares were not defined without fail. At share property the exact metric area of each owner is established.


Define shares and estimate the square meters. Take into account number of rooms in the apartment, its area, a state, the building type, its arrangement and other factors influencing the price.


Suggest to redeem the part to other owners. According to the law participants of share property have the privilege of purchase of the sold share at that price what you want to receive for it. Inform in writing neighbors that you intend to sell the share to the stranger and specify the cost and other conditions on which you sell it. If they refuse purchase or will not acquire your part within a month, look for other buyers.


If owners for one reason or another evade from obtaining the written notice of sale of your share in the apartment, address to the notary. The matter is that without official refusal of neighbors of purchase of your share regional governments of Federal Registration Service will not be taken by your documents for sale to her other person and will not register the transaction. Besides, within three months other owners will be able to challenge the transaction in court, having referred to that they were not informed on your decision to sell the part. Probability of that they will win process, is very great. Therefore to secure itself against possible troubles, use services of the notary. It will send the registered mail with the notice addressed to other owners of this real estate. They should receive it and to undersign.


When all questions are settled, address to real estate agency or use services of the private realtor.