What to do if the roof flows

What to do if the roof flows

The roof is important part of a design of all house. In use with it there can be problems. Most often they consist in course. In this case it is necessary to be engaged in repair.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What to Do if the Roof Flows" How to make a roof How to mount a roof What to do if the roof Practically the most important condition of long service of a roof proceeds acts lack of moisture. For this reason the roof surely has to have good ventilation and a qualitative heater. It is recommended to stack sheets of a metal tile on a roof. This material will serve long at observance of service conditions.

The roof is worked great mischief by moisture which contains in air. At fluctuations of temperature on parts of a design there is a formation of condensate. The temperature on the street will be lower, the more there will be pressure of water vapor from the room in subroofing space. The heater which is sated with moisture, ceases to carry out the role. Consider, vapors of air can lead to corrosion of a design also. A moisture source often is rain or thawed snow. For this reason at installation of a metal tile it is necessary to make also good protection against a rain. For good ventilation it is necessary to provide air circulation. A design of filing of eaves has to have access of air on all perimeter.

Sign of low-quality thermal insulation of a roof is formation of condensate on internal walls. It is recommended to use a heater more than 150 mm thick when finishing a roof. Establish it densely to walls and the roof. Also you can mount a heater in two layers. Consider, material has to be dry. It is best of all to lay a waterproofing film at first.

The sizes of a heater can have impact on a choice of a step of rafters. For this reason it is necessary to decide on material in advance. For example, a heater which width of 565 mm will hardly be suitable for rafters 100 mm wide. It needs to be reduced by 15 mm. Material has to keep well between rafters. Consider, between them air should not circulate. To fix material it is possible to use thin additional laths. They are killed from below across rafters.