How to learn color of the car

How to learn color of the car

Color of the car is that parameter, to know which it is just necessary. By eye to determine by what paint this or that model is painted it will not turn out. After all each plant has shades which are used when painting. However, if the car needs repair with painting, it is possible to learn a covering code rather simply.

It is required to you

VIN number;
warranty card;
information sticker

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To learn number of paint by which the body of your car is painted, it is necessary to glance under a cowl of the iron horse. There usually the manufacturer glues a special small information leaf in which color of that covering which is applied on your car will be accurately specified. That to find it, it is necessary to rise facing the car and to look directly at the engine. The sticker has to be on the right.


In some models the producer does information sticker not under a cowl, and from a driver's door. In order that to find it, it is necessary to open a door and attentively to examine a rack. Usually information is in the bottom, practically near a floor. Here too the type of paint is presented in the code form.


As for works with car service, here too it is possible to learn number of paint by means of computer selection. For this purpose experts of a service station will carry out diagnostics and read out from your car by means of equipment information on what shade of color was applied when painting. Further the computer itself will pick up options which fall under the description. However experts recommend after all to try to find a concrete mention of color that all shades accurately coincided with the factory.


It is possible to define color of the car at the official dealer. For this purpose the VIN machine number is required. And already on it representatives of salon will be able quickly to find all necessary information. If the car at you new, it is possible to look for number of paint in the warranty card.


If you want to learn color generally (for example, the car was recoloured, and you are interested in native painting), it is possible to address to traffic police. The only thing that it is necessary to remember, - to you will call the general color without any shades. On the other hand, knowing original color and a make of the car, you can go to the official dealer and according to his data to restore in more detail that shade which was native for your car.