How to increase nails gel and acryle

How to increase nails gel and acryle

Dream of many women are long and beautiful nails. However such to grow up it is rather problematic. The benefit, modern technologies nails give the chance to increase.

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Ways of nail extension currently exists quite a lot. There is an acrylic and gel technology. And it is possible to use both of these materials at once. Besides, it is possible to increase nails on tipsa or on forms. Tipsa is a plastic free part of a nail. They can be got as monophonic, so already and with ready design. The form is molded manually by the master from acryle or gel. To learn to increase nails simply. For this purpose it is necessary to follow instructions accurately.


Before procedure of building process an anti-septic tank nails and hands. Not to damage a cuticle in process, remove it an orange stick or the special manikyurny tool. The nail plate needs to be processed a file for natural nails of small rigidity. Do it by the linear movements. In the course of it on nails there will be a dust. Surely remove it with a special brush or a brush. All above described actions are necessary in order that material "was better linked" to a surface of a natural nail.


Degrease nails a special preparation. After that do not touch them with hands.


Now pick up for the tipsa size. Smear a contact zone with special glue and apply tipsa to a nail. Already through couple of seconds they will strongly be pasted. Then a special tipsorez cut off them to length necessary to you. A file give to a marigold the necessary form and process it all surface of a tipsa. Sharp transition from a natural nail to the increased part has to disappear absolutely. Clean the formed dust.


Apply a thin film of a primer on a nail. Let's it dry. Gather a small ball of gel. Evenly distribute it on a nail surface. Dry up everything in UF to a lamp before gel hardening. Take a small ball of acryle. Lay out a volume pattern from several such balls. One of the most widespread options is the flower. Let's it dry on air.


Cover all with a thin layer the finish gel. Place a marigold in a lamp for one and a half minutes. Remove a sticky layer by means of special liquid and cause luster.