How to distinguish a puppy

How to distinguish a puppy

Buying a dog, there is a wish to get a healthy, strong and beautiful puppy. And sometimes even it is unimportant, thoroughbred it or not. If you decided to buy a thoroughbred dog, it is worth being extremely attentive, even more often began to sell the rejected puppies with family trees.

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Make purchase only in the presence of several puppies, so it will be easier for you to compare them among themselves. Sometimes the rejected puppy in a dung one and it obviously differs from the colleagues. Also pay attention to parents of the kid, they have to be strong, healthy and adequate in relation to foreign people.


Before going to choose an animal, carefully study photos of this breed at different age. If there is an opportunity, visit nursery or consult with the cynologist who is not interested in sale of a puppy. Any deviation in the form of a body, a color and the size of the kid have to guard you.


If you came to choose a dog, and puppies sleep peacefully, they need to be woken. Attentively watch their actions within 15-20 minutes. Choose an active, dense puppy. But activity should not be excessive. If the kid rushes about on the room, but does not play with other puppies, it is possible that something disturbs him.


Pay attention to thickness of paws, they have to be moderately thick, and small pillows big without any damages. Articulate parts of paws should not stick out, it can testify to their backwardness and further morbidity.


Having chosen a puppy - look at a bite. Teeth have to be white, have characteristic ledges in the field of canines. Dogs should not be always on the lips a raid. Do not constrain to examine future favourite, after all having bought an unhealthy dog, you should treat him.


Well and at the very end of purchase study a family tree. Though she not always testifies to availability of "blue blood", but will not be to pay to her attention the superfluous.