How to remove service

How to remove service

In cases of impossibility of removal of the installed application often necessary is a removal of service, containing certain points of earlier removed program. This operation will demand sufficient computer knowledge and experience of the address with computer resources and therefore cannot be recommended to novice users.

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Press the Start-up button for a call of the main menu of system and pass into the Control point for performance of operation of the chosen service.


Open the reference "Control panel" and pass into the Administration point.


Specify the section "Control of the Computer" and pass into the Services and Appendices point.


Open the reference of "Service" and cause a context menu of the service which is subject to removal by a double click of a mouse.


Specify the Properties point and copy in the buffer a name of the chosen service from the field "Name of Service" on the General tab of the opened dialog box.


Return to the main Start-up menu and pass into the Programs point for start of the Command Line tool on behalf of the administrator.


Open the reference "Standard" and cause a context menu of the utility "Command line" a click of the right button of a mouse.


Select the "Start on behalf of the Administrator" item in the opened dialog box and enter sc delete value of an imya_sluzhba, where imya_sluzhba - the name of the service which is subject to removal copied in the buffer.


Press a function key of Enter for confirmation of command execution and update the list of services pressing of the F5 key to be convinced of full removal of the chosen service.


Return to the main Start-up menu and pass into the Execute point for removal to the subject cleaning of service by means of the Editor of the Register tool.


Enter regedit value in the field "to Open" and press the OK button for start of the utility "The editor of the register".


Open a register branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESystemCurrentControlSetServices and specify the service which is subject to removal.


Choose the Remove command in the Editing menu of the top toolbar of a window of the editor of the register and press the Yes button in the opened window of inquiry of system.


Finish operation of the Editor of the Register tool and reboot for confirmation of application of the chosen changes.