How to rent the house

How to rent the house

Process of rent of the house in general does not differ from a sjem of the apartment. Unless options can be less, than apartments, and among available to prevail offers with partial conveniences. The price of who satisfy to the most strict criteria - considerably to exceed comparable options of apartments. However, here everything depends on a situation in the market in the concrete district.

It is required to you

- offers of rent of housing in mass media, the Internet, bases of real estate agencies;
- phone for communication with owners of the leased housing;
- money for payment of the first month of rent, the deposit if necessary, services of the realtor.

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Define the requirements to the acceptable option: arrangement, existence of conveniences, number of rooms, square of the land plot, etc. Correlate the available offers to the financial opportunities. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out a rating of the offers published in mass media, placed on online bulletin boards, forums, etc. Will not be superfluous and to descend on consultation in some agencies. Nobody obliges to use their services subsequently, and their workers will answer all your questions.


Select some suitable offers. Contact their owners, agree about viewing of objects. Attentively examine the house, a fence, outdoor constructions, try to learn, who neighbors (it will be even better to find out the address to the made appointment and to study the adjacent area).

Try to examine some options. But also situations when you like also the first of offered are not excluded. If everything arranges, can discuss financial conditions and pass to the conclusion of the contract.


Before signing the contract and to bring payment, ask to show you documents on the property right or others, confirming that you deal with the person who has a direct bearing most on the handed-over real estate. Try to give also money for rent in exchange for keys from the house, it is desirable being directly in it. Will also not be superfluous to ask for the owner the receipt on receiving means. If you bring the deposit, show persistence that this sum was registered especially.