How free of charge to create the sites without registration

How free of charge to create the sites without registration

Wishing to create own site, it is not obligatory to hurry to register a domain name and to buy a place on a hosting. In a network there is a mass of opportunities in only a few minutes and absolutely free of charge to make the site meeting the most exacting requirements.

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For free creation of own site type in the searcher the phrase "to create the site free of charge" - and you receive the mass of the corresponding references. One of the best resources of this sort is the Ucoz service: http://www.......... You should not register the domain, for creation of the site it is enough to fill a simple form and to choose a name for your resource. When filling a form the presents a name and a surname will ask to enter you, you can enter any - nobody checks them.

After registration of the site you will need to choose its appearance, at your disposal tens options. Placement of advertizing of sponsors on it will be a payment for creation of the site. In particular, quite irritating emerging window on each page. It is possible to disconnect it for a payment about 100 rubles a month. Service differs in high reliability. It will be almost impossible to crack your site at observance of elementary safety rules. You will be able to register both the site, and a forum, a chat, the guest book, etc. Service possesses very flexible settings, you will be able to adjust appearance of a resource at discretion.

In case you need only a forum, pay attention for the existing not first year the Borda service: With its help you will easily create the forum differing in good work and lack of persuasive advertizing. The static banner in the top or lower part of the page (on your choice) is rather small and does not disturb reading materials of a forum at all. Service differs in high reliability, there is an opportunity to create the closed subjects.

If the site is necessary for you for business, the UMI service will become the good decision: You can choose design of the site, adjust your resource according to your wishes. The free sites have certain restrictions – in particular, their size is limited to 100 megabytes. If necessary you can choose paid option.

In a network there are a lot of services suggesting to create free of charge the site. But before registering the similar site, it is necessary to understand a difference between a paid resource and free. It not only that in the first case you should pay. Present that you registered the free site and "untwisted" it, it became very popular. But really you are not his owner therefore any conflict to administration of service can end with closing of your site. That is all your efforts will be gone. Consider also that you will be strong attached to one service as it is almost impossible to transfer such site to other hosting.

At creation of the serious project it is more expedient to register a domain name, it will cost to you 100 rubles and will demand several minutes of time. Then find a hosting, its cost about 30-50 rubles a month. After that create own site by means of the Dreamweaver program, using ready free templates – in their network much. You will spend for it forces and time, but will be completely independent of somebody. Your resource will belong only to you. In this case you will always be able to transfer it to other hosting if necessary.