How to pump up a jump

How to pump up a jump

The good jump is necessary practically in all game sports. Basketball, volleyball, parkour and streetball - it is difficult to imagine the athlete who achieved success in these sports and not able to jump highly and powerfully. If you do not possess this ability, you should not despair. Any abilities can be developed. Include necessary exercises in the program of trainings.

It is required to you

- dumbbells;
- bar;
- gymnastic bench;
- step platform 30 cm high.

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Make broad attack. The right foot ahead on a platform, left behind, is bent in a knee. Hands are slightly bent in elbows.
Slightly sit down, a spruzhinta feet and be sharply pushed out up. Hands help themselves to jump out. In a phase of flight change feet.
Ahead on a platform there is the left foot, behind now – right. Practically without pause again jump out and change feet.
Make 4 approaches till 10-12 of jumps.
Do not seek to jump out highly, the main thing to carry out exercise technically. The jump has to be carried out due to work of hips.


Get up at the beginning of a racetrack or other equal surface. It is possible to carry out also the sports hall. Sit down in a deep squat, hands on knees.
Nachiayte advance in this situation, consider about yourself or aloud, into the account "five" sharply jump out up, having completely straightened a body, and slap hands over the head.
Be pushed out as it is possible above. Land on the same place from which you jumped out. Again fall to a deep squat and continue advance with the account. Take place in such rate of 100 meters.
It is one approach, execute three approaches with an interval three minutes.


Put feet widely. Place a platform on a floor between stupnyam.
Slightly sit down, make a start and jump on a platform two feet at once. Without doing a pause, at fast speed jump off on a floor, feet from a platform on each side.
Continue zaprygivaniye and sprygivaniye from a platform within 30 seconds. Have a rest 1 minute and repeat.


Get up before the bar lying on a floor. Slightly bend feet in knees, bend and take a bar the top successful fellow, hands are slightly wider than shoulders. Do not bend a back in a waist and do not round it.
Become straight. Only muscles of feet, but not muscles of a back work. Ask the instructor to check position of your back at the time of straightening. Record position of a body for 2 seconds and return to a starting position.
Execute 2 approaches on 8 repetitions.


Get up directly. Dumbbells in the lowered hands. Feet on width of shoulders.
Sit down deeply, hold a back directly, look before yourself. Push out yourself a sharp push and try to jump up as it is possible above. During a landing of a foot have to "spring" slightly in knees.
Execute 3 approaches on 12 jumps.


Get up facing a gymnastic bench.
Slightly sit down and jump on a bench two feet. To strengthen a push, help yourself a wave of hands. Without being late on a bench, return to a starting position, again jump.
If exercise comes to you easily, add burdening. It can be a belt with inserts or dumbbells. Make three approaches on 8 jumps.