Chocolate and cheese fondue

Chocolate and cheese fondue
The fondue arose in Switzerland, and already from there various variations of this dish in other countries of the world went. In fact, it is any hot sauce into which it is possible to dip slices of various products. Most often, it is bread, a biscuit, fruit. There are variations of a meat or fish fondue, in it sauces move cold separately, and over a torch put a bowl with broth or the boiling oil to which crude slices of meat fall and are taken out in some seconds, in process of readiness.
I heard a chocolate fondue About a fondue for a long time, but did not decide to get a fondue pot, there was no suitable occasion yet – and here in my kitchen there is a new dish. We began acquaintance to it with a chocolate fondue according to the simplest recipe as to add wine to a dish for children, in my opinion, it was not represented possible.
For preparation of this fondue it was required: chocolate bar, 100 g; cream of 10%, 50 ml; cinnamon, 2 g. In a sousnitsa for a fondue to pour out cream and to add the chocolate which is pulled down on cubes. To put in a microwave for 2-3 minutes to kindle. During this time 1-2 times to open a door and to mix contents of a sousnitsa. Then to light a torch, to place on it a sousnitsa, to add cinnamon to the kindled chocolate and to mix. To give with slices of favourite fruit, white loaf or a biscuit.
Chocolate can be taken any, instead of quick cream it is possible to add simply milk. And for a romantic dinner kindle chocolate in red or white wine and serve to it berries of strawberry or cherry.
Cheese fondue I tried to do a cheese fondue in several options. I will begin with the simple. It is necessary for it: cream of 10-20%, 50 ml; cheese, not salty, easily melting, 100-150 g; ham (or any sausage on your taste), 200-250 g; seasonings – to taste. To cut sausage with cubes about 2х2 cm. It is also possible to give to this option bread slices.
To rub cheese on a large grater. I pay attention of readers Mirsovetov that it is possible to use some grades of cheese – for obtaining more harmonious and interesting taste of a dish.
To place in a bowl for a fondue cream and cheese, to send to a microwave for 5-6 minutes. In the course of sauce heating 2-3 times should be got and mixed it. It is better to do it by a fork, so cheese disperses better.
To place a bowl on a torch, to add spices to taste and to give to a table with bread or ham.
Initially I made sauce without spices. It is necessary to notice that it did not make special impression therefore surely use them. Again I made with addition of a curry. Taste turns out very interesting. And for an obmakivaniye in sauce I prepared young potatoes. Boiled it in uniforms, cleared, then fried on a frying pan to a golden crust.

I had potatoes krupnovat, it was necessary to cut but if to use small, it is possible to fry it not cleared, I assume that will turn out very beautifully and tasty.
Cheese fondue "in French" the Recipe is very simple, but in too time taste and aroma of sauce creates the corresponding mood. It perfectly will be suitable for a romantic dinner or as an occasion to gather a family at a table and to communicate.
I specify quantity of products proceeding from the volume of the fondue pot (400 ml), it is enough of it approximately on 3 persons. If your bowl is more, increase quantity in proportion to volumes. It will be required to you: white wine (dry or moist), 100 ml; butter, 30 g; garlic, 1-2 cloves; cheese (it is desirable not salty grades), 125 g; egg of crude, 2 pieces; the shrimps cleared 100-150 g; lemon, 1 piece; olives with a lemon, 1 bank; bread black and/or white, 200 g. Pour in wine in any pan and add the garlic which is squeezed out through a press. Put on fire and boil until there is about a half of initial volume. Aroma which turns out at mixture of garlic and wine, will estimate gourmets. Running forward, I will tell that sauce exhales then this fantastic aroma, but garlick taste does not remain absolutely.
Then filter wine from the boiled-down garlic and cool.
Cheese to rub, mix with oil and eggs, to place in a sousnitsa, from above to fill in with the boiled-down wine. To place in a microwave for 5-7 minutes, sauce periodically should be got and mixed, and also to watch that it did not boil away.

It is possible to place ingredients in the enameled ware and to prepare sauce on a plate, and then to move to a fondue pot.
Ready sauce looks as porridge with in large flakes.
For an obmakivaniye to cut bread in cubes, shrimps to warm and sprinkle lemon juice (it is possible to do and without it), from olives to merge marinade and to place in a salad bowl. To give all this together with wine on which sauce prepared.
Place a bowl with sauce over a torch, add ground black pepper, give products for an obmakivaniye and it is desirable, to each person a separate small plateau that it was possible to take out over it a fork from a sousnitsa.

As you can see, dear readers Mirsovetov, a fondue prepares simply and quickly, but thus will take a worthy place on a holiday table, and still will help to create easy mood of a holiday on weekday. If you reflected, but did not get a fondue pot yet, surely make it. It will please you and your guests more than once. cheese, cheese fondue, fondue, fondue pot, chocolate, chocolate fondue