As it is necessary to swing a press

As it is necessary to swing a press

The sedentary life usually leads to deterioration of blood circulation in the lower half of a trunk. As a result of it in a stomach the metabolism decreases, there are fatty deposits. It is possible to avoid it, having increased physical activity. However if deposits already appeared, it is necessary to get rid of a tummy by means of exercises for strengthening of a belly wall - a press.

It is required to you

- rug;
- dumbbells or bar.

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To swing a press to bring it into a good form, it is necessary every day. Best of all – at the end of the all-strengthening training. Such intensity is caused by that muscles of an abdominal tension are very quickly restored therefore it is necessary to swing them often. If your purpose is only reduction of a stomach in norm, use of burdening is not required. Carry out exercises till 10-20 of repetitions, in 3-4 approaches. If such number of repetitions does not bring result, create additional burdening with the help a dumbbell or bars.

The most effective exercise to pump up the lower press, is raising of feet in hanging on a crossbeam. The corner between feet and a trunk at the correct performance has to make 90 degrees. To beginners exercise is recommended to simplify – to raise not direct feet, and bent in knees.

It is best of all to swing area of the top press, doing raising of a trunk of a prone position. Lay down on a rug, bend feet in knees and put on a floor, close hands behind the head. Do raising of a trunk, tyanyas by elbows to knees, without tearing off a waist from a floor.

For the following exercise lay down on a rug, part hands in the parties and press palms to a floor, raise feet up and bend in knees. Incline the bent feet in different directions, trying to reach a floor.

Gear and oblique muscles train rotations of a trunk, holding on shoulders of hyphas from a bar. Other exercise for this group of muscles – inclinations in the parties with dumbbells in hands.

Remarkably strengthen a press and knee-bends with loading. Take a floccus from a bar, put it on elbows or hold before yourself and squat. Such loading allows to involve the muscles which are not working at special exercises for a press. And besides, static loading at knee-bends allows a press to develop more evenly.