How to make a network with the domain

How to make a network with the domain

People who should work with several computers, quite often wish to unite them in a uniform network. For implementation of it it is important to know that the domain network represents and as it is better to construct it.

It is required to you

- some computers;
- a telephone wire or wireless devices for communication;
- network provider.

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Choose type of a network which you want to create. The local network usually small also consists of several nearby computers. The large domain network can unite clients who are for hundreds of kilometers from each other.

Appropriate to the domain a name. Names have a special structure. The most important is the root domain or the domain of the top (first) level defining location of the server, and also an occupation of the company. For example, the ru domain shows location in Russia, com – the foreign organizations working on commercial terms are more often. Domain names of the second level separate from the main thing a point and designate most often the name of the company which possesses the site. For example, in the domain name the word wikipedia represents the domain of the second level. At last, the domain of the third level shows part or department of a certain company, for example

Register the domain. It is possible to make it, having addressed to the owners of the domain of the top level selling on the Internet various names of the domain from the second level below. They will make registration of one site or at once the whole network, will execute control of safety and for a certain payment will provide the server for storage of your information for a period of up to a year. It is important to pay attention to the term of existence of the server and customer reviews about owners of the domain chosen by you.

Connect all computers of a domain network in the suitable way. It is possible to make it by means of a simple cable, a telephone wire, satellite communication or wireless devices. In the domain server the service Active Directory is responsible for work of system and communication between participants. Also here access to administration and the general control of safety will be provided to you. Specify settings of a network which will be transferred by your provider - IP, a mask, a lock and DNS addresses.