What means if Adam and Eve dreamed?

What means if Adam and Eve dreamed?
Adam and Eve made a fatal flaw because of which the mankind began to develop absolutely in other direction.

And in a dream the dreamed Adam and Eve also change the life course?

If Adam and Eve - such dream a harbinger of the evil and fate dreamed you, means that after awakening in your life there will be something adverse that will change all your plans for the worse.

If you dreamed about Eve, naked and round her body the serpent tempter was twisted - such dream means threat to your existence happy hitherto and serene life. The dream about Eve, with the serpent tempter twisted round her foretells you perfidy, impudence from some people.

If in a dream dreams you as Eve carries on strange talk with a serpent tempter - such dream means that to you precisely there came the full end: look back around.

Really still you did not solve in the environment of the artful enemy and the earphone which harms to you every minute?

The dream about Eve whispering to a serpent directly indicates it, besides, this artful person from your inner circle already prepared the plan for decrease in your reputation in society, and then it smoothly and truly will start destroying all your business achievements.

Dream when you see and hear conversation of a serpent and Eve in a paradise garden induces you to listen and get accustomed to the bad people surrounding you.