How to understand that the dog gives birth

How to understand that the dog gives birth

If you expect appearance of puppies any day, have to not only prepare a suitable place for mother, but also not pass the moment of the beginning of childbirth not to leave your favourite one at a difficult moment. By what signs it is possible to determine approach of childbirth?

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Calculate, what is the time passed from the date of knitting. Usually the term of the beginning of childbirth – about 58-65 day. In advance note this time in a calendar and try to arrange the affairs so that you could be near the dog.


Equip a place for future mother and her posterity. As a rule, with approach of term the dog becomes uneasy, attentively surveys dark corners, cases, boxes and other possible secret places. If you noticed such changes in her behavior, it means that it is necessary to arrange a patrimonial nest. Best of all the box from thick plywood or from struganny boards with three boards will approach, but it is possible to take a usual box from under the TV. Put it in a quiet dry place where there are no drafts, on a bottom lay newspapers and soft fabric.


Attentively watch health of a dog and her behavior. The first signs of the beginning of childbirth – fall of temperature of a body approximately on one degree. If you noticed that the dog began to worry, went to the equipped place, started digging, so childbirth begins.


Pay attention to the following phenomena: emergence of slime from a vagina says that waters depart, the dog pants, can start squealing a little, her stomach falls, most likely, she will refuse food. The special attention needs to be paid to young dogs who give birth for the first time. They can not understand that to it happens, to start rushing about and loudly to whine.


Do not worry, ask strangers to leave from the room and watch process. Fights can proceed some hours, however usually the help is not required, the dog will make everything itself. If a female pervorodyashchy, at appearance of the kid help it to break off an amniotic bubble and cut an umbilical cord. It is necessary to watch that young inexperienced mother did not press down puppies. If something went not so, immediately call the expert.