How to swing all muscles of a body

How to swing all muscles of a body

If you plan to train muscles of all body, do not forget to pay attention, besides physical activities, and to food. It has to be balanced and contain high amount of proteins. But it is necessary to make not only a diet, but also lesson schedule.

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As soon as you choose for yourself convenient days, begin trainings. As for directly exercises, for muscles of all body it is possible to recommend so-called general exercises which can be carried out both in a gym, and in house conditions.


To pump up muscles of a back and shoulders, can be tightened on a horizontal bar. At first execute the wide successful fellow and be tightened to crossbeam level so that the chin appeared above it. It is necessary to fall without hurrying down, differently you can pull muscles or sheaves. By the way, completely do not straighten a hand and do not do a respite, and at once rise up. Those who wants to start being engaged at once with burdenings, should not do it. Besides, it should be notedit should be noted that weight needs to be added gradually, without charging the organism of excessive physical activities.


It is possible to pump up pectoral muscles by means of push-ups. On the first couples for one approach carry out no more than six-eight repetitions, and over time can increase them to fifteen-twenty. Do not forget that for increase of efficiency of occupations you have to make bigger number of push-ups and smaller number of the carried-out approaches. Thus, for one set try to lay out the greatest possible forces.


Knee-bends as well as possible will be suitable for training of muscles of feet. In day it is worth beginning with 10 or 15 repetitions. But keep in mind that optimum and yielding results it is considered number of knee-bends not less than 100. When performing exercise it is necessary to observe some simple instructions: hold a back directly, do not tear off foot from a floor, and hold hips parallel to a floor. Only this way you will be able to work as the bigger number of muscles standing is possible.


Swing also muscles of hands: sit down, hold the case exactly, do not bend a back. Take dumbbells in hand and start lifting them, bending hands in elbows to a limit. Now lower dumbbells, straighten hands. It is necessary to repeat exercise 8-10 times.