How to clean a dent on a door

How to clean a dent on a door

Insignificant car accidents considerably spoil not only appearance of the car, but also mood to his owner, after all body works on cost sometimes do not concede to works on repair of DVS. For this reason small dents should be repaired independently.

It is required to you

Two hammers - rubber and usual, wooden whetstone 10 on 20 and pure rags.

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If damage is very insignificant, it is possible to clean a dent by means of the hair dryer and a barrel with compressed air. For a start heat the damaged site the hair dryer.


Then squeeze out gas from a barrel. This way is suitable and for door dents, and for a cowl, but only for small damages.


Now we will pass to serious damages. Sort a door covering, if necessary remove a door.


Knock on a dent from within: slightly and accurately. If does not help, then wrap up whetstone in rags and make the same the easy movements. Achieve alignment of a surface of metal.


Polish a surface after repair, if necessary repeat alignment. Polish again.


Direct whetstone to the center of a dent and beat on it a hammer. Level a surface, serially using whetstone and a rubber hammer. Are not lazy – polish and check degree of concavity of metal.


Having straightened it is greatest possible, a zashtukaturta a surface, putty and put a primer layer. Now it is possible to start painting.