How it is originally to write the letter

How it is originally to write the letter

The original letter is allocated from one thousand. Your identity has to be reflected in it. Enclose in it a little creativity, a little souls, add non-standard approach, and you pleasantly surprise the recipient of your letter.

It is required to you

Paper, handle, envelope, brands.

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Consider a subject of the letter and in what style there will be your message. Unusually made letter will be more interesting, more mysterious.

There are many receptions which will make structure of the letter non-standard and by that will recover it. Everything depends on the main idea of the message, the addressee and your imagination. It is possible to add humour or to begin the letter with the end. Insert a riddle, a puzzle into the letter.

Think, what format of the letter is not expected, and write the letter, breaking foundations, reasonably, of course.

Unusual language of the letter, existence of original phrases, word-play too can add originality to the message.

Think up extraordinary registration of the letter. Think over a font, color of paper and ink. It is possible to add the letter with amusing drawings, to enclose together with the message the photo, the picture, a card with verses or music or the subject symbolizing something, mentioned in your letter.

Add to the message aroma, extinguish it. Write it on paper, unusual on the invoice and a form, or not on paper at all.

Remember that the content of the letter has to be in harmony with its registration if only your idea does not mean the return.

Solve, in what envelope you will seal the message. If the envelope is interesting and mysterious, it will create an intrigue round the contents. Only having looked at it, the addressee will want to unpack immediately an envelope to learn that inside.

Unusual delivery to add originality to your letter. Beat this important moment depending on what content of the letter and who the addressee.

It is possible to deliver the letter the special courier who will sing the song, handing it, will tell ridiculous story or it will be unusually dressed.

It is possible to hide the letter in a certain place, and to send to the addressee riddles. Solving each of them, he will come nearer to the message.

Your task at the organization of delivery - to adjust the addressee on the necessary harmony.