How to fill in a skating rink on the street

How to fill in a skating rink on the street

Winter vacation – excellent opportunity to children to learn to skate, skis, to play hockey. It is much more convenient to do it if the skating rink is in the yard. The child will be under your supervision, you will not worry for the child. Organize the parents wishing to take care of active recreation for the children and fill in a skating rink near your house.

It is required to you

- water;
- hose;
- spray.

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Find rather equal and big platform in the yard. Will be suitable for games of kids both a skating rink about five by five meters in size, and round or oval. Stamp or roll snow, it will be the skating rink basis. Its thickness has to be about five centimeters.

From snow if the platform has no boards, make a brustver 20 centimeters high. Wait for a frost in 5-8 degrees, above – water long will not freeze. It is better to use a fire hydrant and a trunk with a spray. But also the usual rubber hose will approach.


That the skating rink turned out uniform and equal, put on a spray. If to fill in with a stream, ice will turn out layered with flows, will crumble when driving, and at a hard frost from 15 degrees water will freeze unevenly. The top layer in this case can crack and fail in the formed emptiness.

Through a spray pour a small sheet of water (about a centimeter that well was chilled). Make a break for 2-3 hour that ice was formed of water. Raise dust the following layer. Do not leave a hose on ice – under it roughness is formed. It will be better if the assistant holds a hose while you spray water.

At snowfall clear ice of snow before each filling. If the severe snowstorm, is better to postpone work until more favorable weather. Leyte water, standing a back by a wind.


Freeze on an ice layer in 10-15 centimeters that a skating rink it was possible to use all season. Then, of course, it is necessary to fill in water still more than once. After all in one day of driving about 1-2 centimeters of ice are cut off by skates.

Hot water smooth down ice after operation. Make a big mop and water a rag with hot water, moving it on ice.

Make putty to eliminate deep furrows and big holes. When conceive to do the following filling, knead in a bucket porridge from snow and water. Fill with this porridge roughnesses and defects of ice. Wait for putty freezing, straighten with a scraper frost. After that start filling in a skating rink.