How to earn in the market of the Russian actions

How to earn in the market of the Russian actions

Due to the mistrust which increased recently to a banking system, more and more people look for other ways for preservation and enhancement of the capitals. The Russian stock market is excellent opportunity for reliable and long-term investment. Over the past few years the Russian oil and gas companies show stable growth from a quarter in a quarter, from year to year.

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Before starting trading in the market, study basic terms and strategy of market game. There are two main strategy: short-term and long-term. Short-term is when you make market transactions of sale and purchase daily, speculating in differences of courses on the minimum time spans. Long-term is when you are aimed at prospect and make decisions of times a week or in a month.


To start earning in the Russian stock market, for a start download the trade terminal which has all necessary functionality for market transaction implementation. The most popular trade terminal is Metatrader today. It should be notedIt should be noted that each company providing service of an entry into stock market can have own software.


Before adoption of any decision carefully analyse a situation in the market. Use various tools for the technical and fundamental analysis of the market. The most popular of them are Fibonacci's levels, Gunn's pitchfork, Eliot's waves, the stochastic indicator, Japanese candles, a convergence/divergence. Apply them alternately or at once all together, and you will make the considered and intelligent decision which will make for you profit.


Playing in the market, try not to be exposed to emotions and do not make rash decisions. Thus you will manage to keep the capital. Stocks of the Russian companies are the most attractive to long-term investment.


If you do not want to understand independently all subtleties of marketing, entrust management of your capitals to professional traders who will be able to provide systematic increase in your capital of 20% per annum. It it is much bigger, than offer domestic banks. Quotations of the Russian companies constantly are in the movement. Ability to profit by these fluctuations at most will allow you to become financially independent person after a while.