How fritters from a kohlrabi prepare?

How fritters from a kohlrabi prepare?
Such product as cabbage of a kohlrabi not so often appears on our table and in our diet, even in spite of the fact that this product possesses a set of properties, very useful to an organism, and contains a number of vitamins (and in particular vitamin C), microcells, and also other necessary and valuable substances. Therefore the offered dish (fritters from cabbage of a kohlrabi) will become not only tasty, but also surprisingly useful entertainment!

For preparation of oladushka from a kohlrabi you need such list of products: one kilogram of cabbage of a kohlrabi, one egg, about three tablespoons of wheat flour, one tablespoon of butter, a little bit salt and sugar, and also vegetable oil for frying of fritters.

And fritters very easily and simply prepare, but also preparation will not take a lot of your time.
The kohlrabi should be washed up and then to clear then to rub on the smallest grater and to lay out in a deep bowl. Further to add crude egg, soft butter and previously sifted wheat flour to a polished kohlrabi, to add a small amount boiled and still warm water and to knead dough (the same consistence, as well as usually for fritters). To add to the turned-out dough to taste granulated sugar and salt - on a small pinch, and to mix.
It is necessary to fry fritters from a kohlrabi spreading dough a tablespoon on the vegetable oil which is well warmed in a frying pan to a zolotistost (for two-three minutes from each party).